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“Elevate.RA has helped our students develop a deeper understanding of their own mental wellbeing.”

Deputy Head Teacher, Lyonsdown School

A young girl’s education journey can have a huge influence over the woman she becomes. But the journey is not always smooth.

Some girls struggle with issues such as anxiety or fear of failure. Others develop negative friendships or relationships that can undermine their success in school.

Many young girls start to develop unhealthy thoughts around body image.

Mental health difficulties do not discriminate and if not addressed, they can have a lasting impact on the education experience and future success of girls.

Give your students the tools they need to shake off exam anxiety, form healthy friendships and relationships that lift them up and support girls to become the best version of themselves.

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The Elevate.RA Scheme of Work

With Elevate.RA, schools can unlock their pupils’ hidden potential and help every young girl to develop the character strengths and personal skills they need to thrive

“Elevate.RA works well as a scheme to follow but has also been a great tool to dip into to enhance our PSHE curriculum.”

Deputy Head Teacher, Lyonsdown School

A female pre-teen student is happily writing on the white board

Supporting girls through change

The Elevate.RA scheme of work is the only school resource of its kind to focus on the personal and emotional development of young girls.

Portrait of Ramita Anand

The Programme

The programme was created by Ramita Anand, teacher of 20 years, award-winning mentor and author of ‘Girl Elevated: 5 steps to empower girls in early adolescence to be their best’. Ramita has also been featured in many international media, including Tatler magazine.

A trio of teenage girls in school uniform working on lessons at their respective computer terminals

Ready-made lesson plans

Teachers get 25 ready-to-go lesson plans they can deliver in only 30 minutes a week, as part of the existing curriculum.

The Five Elevate.RA superpowers

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Three ways to supercharge girls’ success

Elevate.RA can be tailored to the needs of your school. Choose how you want to access the scheme of work and additional training available to help your students supercharge their success.

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