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Practical steps you can take to identify and support girls who struggle with anxiety in the run up to entrance exams.

Prevent 11+ exam pressure from holding girls back

Healthy competition can be a positive factor that motivates many young girls to aim high and achieve their full potential.

However, the pressure of competing for the highest results in the 11+ or the best secondary school places can also turn into a negative force that damages self-esteem and may leave girls feeling they just aren’t good enough.

Ramita Anand, teacher, award-winning mentor and author of ‘Girl Elevated: 5 steps to empower girls in early adolescence to be their best’ has produced a FREE GUIDE for schools to support the mental health and wellbeing of girls.

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Inside the guide, schools will find effective strategies they can use to:

☑️Identify the early signs a student may be struggling

☑️Create a supportive classroom environment

☑️Promote mindfulness and relaxation techniques

☑️Help students reframe stress and manage emotions

☑️Deliver the right support at the right time to ensure girls succeed

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