Lifting young girls to unleash their POWER

Elevate.RA is an educational mentoring company dedicated to empowering young girls, especially those with challenges that inhibit their learning journey.

Creating opportunities for pre-adolescent teen (~ nine – 13 yrs) girls to have the guidance, counsel, and dedication of an educational mentor can result in remarkable breakthroughs and set them up for long-term success.

Elevate.RA works to move our girls from a fixed mindset thought process to practicing and living with a growth mindset where, even in a world full of difficulties, anything can happen. It employs proprietary methods to support our girls in viewing their challenges as their own unique superpowers. Building and developing the key ingredients of Confidence, Empathy, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, and Kindness will enable vulnerable pre-adolescent girls to better navigate the pressures and challenges that may face them throughout their school and later professional careers.

Elevate.RA truly believes that each one of our girls is, in their own way, a real-life superhero. She may just be in training, but that is completely fine because, as we all know, even Batman needs Robin to help him achieve his desired goal. Our vision is to build strategies and to discover approaches together that we can use to motivate our young girls to find their own superpowers and lift them up to be independent and strong, enabling them to achieve their best.

The journey can be full of many twists and turns, but our focus is always on teaching girls how they can get up and keep moving forward through our mentorship program. Together we hope to create girls who dream BIG and achieve BIGGER.