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Ramita has worked with two of my daughters, both of whom are dyslexic. With the eldest, Isa, she boosted her confidence and helped her to be more accepting of her dyslexia, whilst building excellent compensatory tools. With my second daughter, Cosi, Ramita worked hard to build a solid foundation and improve her verbal skills so that her thoughts could be realised more fluently.

Because Ramita is such a positive and energetic force, both my girls really enjoyed their sessions with her and as far as they are concerned she was ‘their best dyslexic teacher’. We will always be grateful to Ramita.

– VB –

Ramita transformed my son’s school experience. He found a safe, secure space where he was allowed to voice his concerns and his worries. He found a supportive and understanding champion of his needs. He refused at one point to accept the school experience without Ramita in his life, so entrenched and ingrained was she to his full educational experience. Ramita brings the warmth and compassion of a fellow parent to the more structured and formal role of the additional needs support network. For me this was a transformational moment in the way that the school and I interacted. Ramita has an almost unique understanding of what it is to be both institution and parent which allows her to navigate the difficult and often choppy waters between the two shores. We miss her loads and wish her well.

– AC –

We have been fortunate to know Ramita for 10 years. Initially through a friendship our daughters struck up and subsequently as a learning support teacher for our son.

Both of our children are extremely fond of Ramita which is a reflection of her inspiring personality and energy. Ramita is a truly genuine individual who has children’s safety, welfare and development at the heart of everything she does.

– L & JP –

Ramita took my daughter under her wing and put so much personal care into her journey and progress. She not only made things fun and engaging for her, she found extra special ways to encourage my daughter to enjoy learning. She would always go the extra mile in every situation. I have never met anyone parallel to this and not sure I will.

– SD –

Ramita is a very kind and nurturing person who really understands and connects with her students. She patiently taught our daughter valuable learning techniques and gave her the confidence to thrive in a very academic school. I wish I’d had a teacher like her when I was growing up.

– AH –